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What is a Love Story Engagement Session?

Newly engaged couples get engagement photos done by their wedding photographer, but what does your wedding videographer have to offer for engaged couples? A LOT!

I'm sure you might have heard of a Love Story session before, but aren't 100% sure what it is. You are probably asking yourself, is a Love Story video session worth it, is an engagement photo session enough, what do we do during a video engagement session?

It's okay, I'm here to answer all your questions and show you the value in a Love Story Video Engagement session.

The Video Engagement session is just that, it's pretty much what you would do at a portrait engagement session but with me filming the two of you and asking questions about how you met, how the proposal went, who made the first move and much more. This is your time to put your Love Story out there and freeze it for years to come.

1. What is a Video Engagement Session?

A Video Engagement Session is a creative and interactive way for couples to capture their love story on camera. It goes beyond traditional photography by incorporating the elements of motion and sound. With a videographer capturing candid moments, the couple can showcase their personalities, emotions, and unique connection in a cinematic style. It's a modern and dynamic alternative to traditional engagement photo shoots.

2. How long does a Video Engagement Session typically last?

The duration of a Video Engagement Session can vary depending on the couple's preferences and the specific package they choose. On average, sessions last between one to two hours. This allows enough time to capture a range of scenes, locations, and activities that are meaningful to the couple. However, it's important to communicate with the videographer to ensure that the session is tailored to the couple's vision and needs.

3. What should we wear for a Video Engagement Session?

Choosing the right attire for a Video Engagement Session can greatly contribute to the overall look and feel of the video. It's recommended for couples to coordinate their outfits in terms of style and color palette. They should opt for clothing that reflects their personal style and makes them feel confident and comfortable. Solid colors or subtle patterns tend to work well on camera. It's best to avoid clothing with busy patterns or logos that may distract from the main focus, which is the couple's connection and story.

Watch a previous Love Story Session

Check out my latest Love Story Session with John and Katelyn at Lums Pond and Dog Park in Bear Delaware. To read about their Love Story Engagement Session click here.

Inquire for your Love Story Video Engagement Session below or click here for more details and pricing.

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