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Happy New Year, cheers to 2020!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Well, not quite. It was January 17th, 2020, when I posted a little ad for myself on a local South Jersey Weddings Facebook page. I made a New Year's resolution to myself that I would set out to video at least one wedding, and do some engagement photos in 2020.

A couple posing at Batsto's Village in Hammonton, NJ for their photo and video engagement session.

I didn't think that anyone would look at my ad, let alone answer me with an interest about it.

Thankfully I was wrong.

Traci answered my ad, and was thankful to find me. We texted all through the Spring and Summer. With COVID kind of getting under control in New Jersey mid-summer, we were able to get their engagement photos and video done.

It was great to meet Traci, her fiancé Dylan and her son Connor. We walked around Batsto's Village in Hammonton New Jersey. It was great with the old buildings, the pine trees and the lake that was throughout the park. Watch their engagement Love Story session, to get a feel of what yours would entail. Did you know all of my wedding packages include an engagement Love Story session? Head to my Wedding Pricing Page and fill out the inquiry form to get started.

I left even more excited for her wedding in November. I can't wait for her rustic barn wedding at Rode's Fireside Barn. I'll be posting a blog about her wedding and the venue in November. Stay tuned :)

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