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Katelyn & John | Love Story Engagement Session

John and Katelyn have a love story like no other. They are a couple that truly complements each other in every way. They recently had an engagement session and their love was truly evident in every single frame!

The hot summer air carried whispers of love as John and Katelyn walked hand in hand through the serene landscape of Lums Pond. As we walked and talked, we ended up at their favorite spot in the park. It was here, in this very spot, that John had proposed to Katelyn many months ago.

They told me the story of the day, reliving the surprises and emotions. One of three surprises John had in store for Katelyn was John's sister, Jen, a very talented photographer, who was secretly taking photographs of the whole proposal.

John and Katelyn share a deep love for their faith and this is what brought them together. They met on a dating app and have been inseparable ever since. Their love for each other is a reflection of their faith and the love that they share for God.

Being outdoors is also very important to them. They love exploring new places, being active outdoors, and going on walks with their Husky pup, Athena. They generously included Athena in their engagement session, and the shots we got turned out fantastic! Their engagement session was shot at the picturesque Lums Pond and Dog Park in Bear, Delaware.

Good food is also a passion that they share. They shared good conversation over yummy tacos at a restaurant on the Wilmington Riverfront for their first date.

John and Katelyn are a couple that's not just in love with each other; they are in love with life. Their engagement session was full of laughter, cuddles, and pure joy. And they had an amazing time pursuing their passions and capturing moments that they'll cherish for a lifetime. Their love story is one that inspires many, and it's a testament to the fact that true love truly exists.

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