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Drexel University Graduation Pictures

Graduation Pictures

Graduations, Grad! Our portrait photography studio offers high-quality graduation pictures for high school and college graduates. Our graduation photoshoot includes 25 digital images and a 2 hour time slot. This will allow us time to visit up to three locations, such as your high school or college campus, and other surrounding landmarks that are special to you.

Graduation Portrait Pricing


$50 non refundable retainer upon booking

  • Up to a 2 hour session

  • 25 digital images

  • Private gallery

  • Up to 3 locations (Outdoor option)

  • Two week turn around time 

Include Friends (Add-on)

$15 per extra person

$100 non refundable retainer upon booking

  • Everything stays the same as the above except:

  • 5 extra images per person will be added to final gallery count

  • Three group images are included

  • Turn around moves to three weeks

ex. if you have 3 friends you would like to include your total would be $425 + ($15 x 3) = $470 plus tax. Your totally image gallery would be 40 images to split between the 4 of you, giving you 10 images each.

Philadelphia Graduation Pictures


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