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Halloween & Fall Minis 2022

Grab your Ghouls, it’s spooky season!!! Bring (up to 5) your basic witches and come out hang out with me on October 22nd with Fall foliage for some spooky pics and Fall vibes! This session can accommodate up to 5 people, comes with a private gallery and 8 final digital images.


This session can be used for Halloween or Fall photos. Since this is a 20 minute session, we will have time to take both Fall photos and Halloween photos, so plan accordingly with outfits and props! Speaking of props, gotta love Fall accessories, I will be bringing a handful of props for you to use. If you have another cute idea for props, by all means BRING IT! 


List of props I’ll be providing: Witch Hats, Yellow Rain Coat, Red Balloons, Smoke Bombs, Pumpkin Heads, Halloween Light UP Mask, Candles.


At checkout, you will fill out a form about how many people will be participating and what outfits and props you are going to be using/bringing! Please use that space to tell me about your fun ideas, I can’t wait to hear about them!! :)

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