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Product Photography


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Youth in Sports Co-op | 2018-2019


I had my co-op for both Fall and Spring on the Youth In Sports TV crew. We were asked to redesign the intro for the show. Other crew members shot the B-roll and I spliced them in with the sponsored logo animations, which I created with Illustrator and animated in After Effects. To see an episode I worked on as a cameraperson click here. The two other crew members and I took turns as the cameraperson, the director and the editor.

Wilmington University | 2018-2019 

During my time as a Video and Motion Graphics Major, I look a Lighting for Production class where we manipulated light with foam core cut outs to create a Gobo. We also worked with 3 point interview lighting, green screen and product lighting. For VMG 100, we were given a song and had to create music video to fit the theme of the song. As for the last video, we had to film a part of our daily routine.


Philadelphia Flyers Internship | 2017

Here is my animated graphics reel for the Jumbotron that I created as the Philadelphia Flyers Game Presentation Intern in 2017. I used Photoshop and After Effects to create the various slides and animations.